Don's Vintage Cats
1976 Cross Country Cat
May 10/2008
April 17/2008
New arrival 1976 Cross Country Cat 340 FA Suzuki.  Needs major engine work and will have a 440
El Tigre engine for trail riding this coming winter.  
Only 625 produced.
October 21/2008
Engine rebuilt, has 440 El Tigre engine installed for the trail riding this winter
October 21/2008
October 21/2008
November 17/2008
Sled has a repro seat cover, NOS, OEM replacement rubber track and rear idlers. Four new drive
bearing, Comet 102C drive clutch and rear tank compartment shroud.  Still some work to do on it
but will be ready for the snow.  Hood and pan painted.
This page created October 20/2008
updated February 22/2015
GM Design
November 19/2008 - I now have a complete, correct AB34FI 340 FA engine.