This page updated February 22/2015
Oak Bluff, MB
This sled has been previously raced in ovals
and has been modified.  I don't plan on
restoring it to original and it will be left as a
previously raced sled.  I have replaced the
belly pan.
Dec 2003 - Engine completely taken down,
centre seal replaced & crank re-aligned, runs
fine now.
Only 301 made.
1973 EXT 440 RACER
June 2000
1971 EXT 340 (restored)
This is a fun sled to ride, sounds nice too with it's single tuned
pipe. Only 497 made.
Finished July 1997
1971 EXT 440
Special Only 122 made
Back In The Saddle
1972 EXT 400
Sled had spent 3-5 years at this location, sat in water
some of the time and had a rusty tank, green carbs,
etc.  Runs great now. Have new  gauges, windshield and
painted hood.
Restoration starting on this sled May 2002.
Only 1000 made.
Don's Vintage Cats
September 2001
- This sled is now apart, I managed to get side tracked with another sled.  This
one  will spend the 2002-2003 winter in boxes.
The motor is not nice - drive clutch is garbage - bent crank - damaged rewind &
flywheel, but it was still running somehow !!??
July 2002 - Motor rebuilt, hood, decals,and seat are done.
Sept 15/2003
To view the restoration of this sled & see the finished product
72 EXT 400
April 30/2002
Chassis stripped & ready to clean, paint,
and then assemble.
Motor rebuilt (crank seals and 1 new
piston and rings)
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Sept. 6/2002
Finished !!!!
Now where's the snow !
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May 20/2005
1972 EXT 440 Triple
Only 375 made
Latest addition to the EXT family, runs,  
lots of work to do with track, pipes and
engine?  But lots of good stuff too.
The 1972 EXT 400 2 cyl will eventually
be sold.
Feb 27/2006
To view the Restoration of this sled
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March 1/2008
Mar 2/2008
EXTerminator re-union
1971 EXT 340
1971 EXT Special 440
1972 EXT 440 triple
1973 EXT 440 mod
Don's Vintage Cats - April 4/2009
July 22/2010