1967 PANTHER 300
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1970 PANTHER 634
(before restoration)
1970 PANTHER 634
(COMPLETED OCT 1998) (1343 made)
I sure like the sound of those montana's
1969 Panther 634 on the delivery
table during restoration
1969 PANTHER 634
(pictured May 30/2001)
Comes with a "Big Scoop" hood as used by
factory oval racers in 1969.  Twin carbs
925 made
1969 PANTHER 634
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Sept 23/2002
1967 Panther (Completed on Oct 22/2002)
Motor rebuilt, needed crank end seals only.
Production numbers unknown
1968 Panther 500 CC Hirth
Opposed 180R P25H
More Parts - Will be starting sled in April 2003
This sled was purchased March 2000 as a pile of parts on a pallet, many parts were missing,  
i.e. seat, track, ski's, suspension, gas tank, etc.  The bulkhead and many parts were badly
rusted but were salvageable
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Four Members of the Panther Family
1967 Panther 300 CC Hirth
1968 Panther 500 CC Hirth Opposed
1969 Panther 634 CC with Racing
1970 Panther 634 CC Hirth
March 14/2008