Don's Vintage Cats
Sleds that have found new homes
1973 Arctic Cat Alley Cat
1975 Arctic Cat Trail Cat
1967 Arctic Cat Panther
300 Hirth, Restored, auxillary tank
1970 Arctic Cat 634 Panther
1976 Arctic Cat 250 Z
(not restored)
1977 Arctic Cat Z 250
This page created August 17/2008
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updated M
arch 22/2021

October 6/2006
1971 Panther 399 JLO
34 mikuni carb & ski shocks added
electric start
model 399JEPA
(unrestored but engine rebuilt)

SOLD January 4/2012

1978 Panther 500 Suzuki
May 28/2011
You can't have too many OLD PANTHERS !
Engine was seized due to poor storage, now
has a new piston.
Good to go!

1968 Panther 500 Hirth Opposed

1975 250Z
June 5/2007
Not restored but crank replaced, new pistons, rings, repro seat cover.
Ski's, springs and pipes are painted.
Bumper tape still to be applied.
Then after a tune up, should be good to go.
Dual ignition and pipes, about 48 HP.
Only 712 produced.

SOLD  July 13/2013

1971 Puma 440 Kawasaki
Another rider, Bought one of these new & a real blast to ride.

Did some updating over the 2012 summer.  New paint & decals plus a few parts replaced with better
parts.  Windshield, seat cover,  not restored but a great rider.  It now uses a CD ignition.
1966 Model 141D
Another rider
1972 Panther 440 Kawasaki
Sold - January 2018
1978 Cheetah 5000
500 CC FC - 34 Mikuni, CDI
about 50 HP
purchased (March 2006)
A fun sled to ride.
SOLD - November 2019
2011 Arctic Cat F8 LXR PRO LTD 800 CC
Sold December 2020
1996 Arctic Cat ZRT 600
SOLD March 2021