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Waconia or Bust 2010
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February 2009

Two brothers, Russell and Murray Calder of Letellier, Manitoba and myself decided to join a group from the
US that were planning to ride sleds from the Canadian Border to St. Paul, Minnesota in January 2010 to
commemorate the early I500 races and would be following much the same route.  We decided we would start
out riding vintage but taking new sleds along as backup.
Unfortunately this ride was cancelled.  The three of us decided  we would still go, but would start at the
same area that the 1970 I500 race (Winnipeg, Manitoba - St. Paul, Minnesota, 550 miles) had started on the
South/West corner of Winnipeg.  I had raced in the I500 that year and had completed the race.  We were
planning on following much the same route as the I500.
Due to a snow storm we had to delay our start a day to Tuesday, January 26/2010 and then make up the lost
day.  Running to the border cross country was exceptionally good and from there to Argyle, Minnesota we had
a freshly groomed trail so back to riding vintage.  As we approached Crookston the trail got very rough.  We
spent the night in Crookston and the following three days of riding were a mix of some good riding but mostly
running over soft slush that had frozen into sharp edges - there was very little snow or grooming.
Due to St. Paul growth over the past 40 years we would be unable to get to Lake Phalen where the 1970 race
ended. We had decided to swing right to Waconia, Minnesota where the big show, races, display was taking
place.  We arrived in Waconia during Friday afternoon just in time to take in the start of the Waconia
This trip was kind of special to me as I always wanted to run from Winnipeg to St. Paul area again on much
the same route as in 1970, this time a pleasure ride.  This was accomplished exactly 40 years later, although
most of the 550 miles were on newer sleds due to the poor riding conditions.  ( Speaking for myself, my back
isn't quite as flexible as it was 40 yrs ago )
Tom Schindel and Tony Simard drove our two trucks with trailers and provided us with superb support during
the four day trip.
A good time was had by all !!!
Finish of the ride
Russell, Don, Tom,  Murray, Tony
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Don McLennan riding a 1976 AC Cross Country Cat
Russell Calder riding a 1979 Pantera 500 FC
Murray Calder riding a 1978 Pantera 500 FC00
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