This 793 Hirth King Kat , for the most part,  survived a shop fire and it came to me with a 634 Hirth motor
in it.  I have rebuilt a proper 793 Hirth and have collected almost all I need to finish the project.    I hate
to have a sled sitting around doing nothing, so I got it running using parts from old parts sleds  that I had,  
Puma, Panther, EXT's, you name it.  It's not really a joy to ride because of the noise.  I took it to Drag
Races in Earl Grey, Saskatchewan in February 1999 and it was given the Peoples Choice Award.  This sled
is not pretty, so I think it was judged mostly on the noise.  It sure would be nice to get this sled completed.
This page last updated February 22/2015
August 2001 - Presently working on this sled,
Hope to have it on the snow by 1 December, 2001
Sept 9/2001
793 KK on the delivery table, rechromed rear bumper & foot loops.  Ready for the repo belly pan.  The
bulkhead has been a real challenge with so many changes made to it over the years.  This sled was used in
"Snowmobile Pulls" at one time, so there were numerous re-inforced areas, many of which had to be removed.
Sept 22/2001
Nov 6/2001 - Finished 1971 King Kat 793.  Only 178 made.
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