Don's Vintage Cats
Restoration Of 1968 Panther 500 Hirth
April 17/2003
cleaned,  welded, painted & ready to go
June 10/2002
Motor rebuilt
New crank seals
1 new piston & rings
Restoration started in April 2003.
Progress is being made, using
re-chromed handle bars and levers, rear
bumper assembly zinc coated,
NOS belly pan side panels and a
reproduction center panel.
The hood has been repaired and painted
and has reproduction decals.
The seat sponge has been reproduced and
covered with new yellow leopard vinyl
Now, all it takes is time to put it all
together !!!
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June 16/2003
Engine in place
Drivers & Muffler ready
Working with and fitting this engine has been a real challenge.
I can only imagine the problems AC had when they were attempting to "shoehorn" this
engine into a chassis that was designed for single or twin cylinders in-line engines.  
Clearance on both front and rear is zilch.
July 25/2003
Applying the finishing touches
Son, Darrell, giving a hand
May 29/2003
July 28/2003
1968 Panther 500 Hirth Opposed
Production Number unknown