Restoration of 1972 Ext 440 Triple
Don's Vintage Cats
February 26/2006
Engine being removed to be cleaned up and then
I'll see what is inside.
This page created Feb 27/2006
updated July 28/2008
June 1/2006
Moving along very slowly.
Almost ready for paint.
July 20/2006
Finally making some headway.
August 7/2006
Handlebars, rear bumper
and hinge freshly chromed.
Front drive, track,
suspension, brakes,
springs installed.
There are many pictures on this page,  Please be patient while they load.
Sept 15/2006
Moving along, am having some crankshaft
issues, when they are cleared up it
shouldn't take long to finish it up.
October 24/2006
Engine placed in the right spot.
Had all 3 C. rods replaced due to
wear, also all crank seals & bearings.  
Hopefully completed before the first
snow fall that stays.
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July 27/2008
72 Ext 440 triple
Under hood
Altona, Mb. show
July 27/2008
1972 Ext 440 Triple
Altona Sunflower Festival
Altona, Manitoba