1970 Puma 292 Hirth Mod
Model 292H-PM complete with Megaphone
and a factory racing hood.
A cute little guy with lots and lots of bark.
Only 103 Made
Finished October 2000
1970 Puma Mod
1971 793 King Kat
at show in
Grafton, ND 2002
Model 292H PM
Motor Engine
before restoration
on delivery table
July 23/2004 - Latest addition to the
Puma Family
1970 760 JLO FC Mod
It runs now and has a NOS back rest, but
the remainder of the sled needs more than
a tune up.
Model 760 JPM
102 Produced
February 16/2005
1970 Puma 760 JLO FC Mod
I have put 30 - 40 miles on this
beast so far this winter. It takes
2 men and a boy to pull it over
but is well worth the effort
when it thunders to life.  The
engine will be taken down shortly
and it would be great if all it
needed is crank seals.  I am
hoping the whole sled will be
restored for next winter.  There
is nothing to indicate this sled
was ever raced.
This page created September 26/2004 & up-dated November 26/2017
Interesting Sled ?
1971 Puma 340Z
Engine Model # T1A Z3
Sled Model # 340 AZ PU
94 made
F.C. Kawasaki twin single HD 62A carb, stock
muffler, also provisions for a second impulse line.
This sled was found by my son, "Darrell", in a sled salvage yard in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.  
The outward appearance and under the hood glance indicates nothing other than a stock 1971 Puma
340 Kawasaki, the same as I purchased new in 1971.  The ID plate indicates something quite
different though.  Informed sources tell me this sled was a "Super Stock" limited production and
is quite rare.  I had heard of them but had never actually seen one.  The motor is modified by
Kawasaki similar to the 1971 EXT, and with pipes and twin carbs will run with or out perform the
FA series.  The sled is really in not that bad condition although the crankshaft seems to need some
attention.  Needless to say the sled will be kept for restoration.
April 2004
Sled pulled down
October 2004 -Restoration has
begun, bulkhead and tunnel
ready to be attached.
Seat has been re-upholstered
and is ready.
November 8/2004
Bulkhead and tunnel attached,
also freshly chromed rear
bumper.  There won't be much
more done before spring,
there are lots of other
activities during the winter.
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June 17/ 2005
Pan, trunk, drivers, track,  
suspension attached, also
freshly chromed steering
column.  Ready for hood and
Click HERE to view restoration of 1970 760 JLO FC Mod
November 1/2005
1971 Puma 340 Z Finished.
This sled was fitted with a single tuned pipe kit that was available for 1971 Puma's and EXT's.
March 9/2006
1970 Puma 760 JLO FC Mod
1970 Puma 292 Hirth Mod
1971 Puma 340 Z
1970 760 JLO Puma FC Mod
September 2014
Another new arrival
1970 Puma 760 JLO FC MOD serial # 047044 Model 760 JPM.
Came with a 399 CC JLO stock engine, not running.  
Lots of work to be done, pan, tunnel, hood, seat, etc.
This looks like an ongoing project.
Anyone have a correct engine for sale?