Restoration of 1970 Arctic Cat 760 JLO FC Mod
April 3/2005
760 JLO Mod engine on the work bench being
stripped down.
May 1/2005
No longer beautiful!
Hope restoration will be started in July 2005.
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July 30/2005
Ready and waiting for the chassis, will be working
on it shortly.
Still looking for a rear shield, above the carb.
Sept. 11/2005
Bulkhead and ski's
Primed and ready for final coats.
Using GM code 8555 paint.
Sept 21/2005
Bulkhead, tunnel and NOS belly
pan attached. Using re- chromed
handle bars, foot loops, rear
bumper and seat back frame.  
Refurbished track and drivers
ready to install.
October 12/2005
95 % finished.
Still have bumper to clean up, repro
dash and montanas to fit.
Hood still needs decals, windshield, etc.
October 30/2005
Finished and already been to one showing.
I bet I can purr .... louder than you !!!